II2 – Stress, Trauma & Anxiety Resolved – The Rewind Technique

traumatised lady

What is it?

Clients claim it works ‘like magic’ to resolve feelings of panic, settle nightmares and calm anxiety, quickly, effectively and pragmatically.

The gentle and non-invasive, non-intrusive rewind technique or the fast phobia cure, has been refined from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) called it the VK dissociation technique. V stands for visual, the K for kinaesthetic (or sensations) and both affect the feelings that can plague sufferers.

traumatised man

How Simple is it?

It is a simple process, easily explained without any ‘psychobabble’ which enables clients to measure their own improvement, through:

  • increased confidence
  • more positive mood
  • ability to explain the trauma/stress calmly
  • no more fear
  • no more flashbacks
  • better sleep

The Rewind Technique Process:

The rewind technique should be carried out by an experienced practitioner and is only performed once a person is in a safe and comfortable state of deep relaxation.

When they are fully and calmly rested, they are encouraged to bring their anxiety to the surface and then are calmed down again by being guided to recall or imagine a place where they feel totally safe and at ease. Their relaxed state is the deepened and they are asked to imagine that, in their special safe place, they have a TV set or other device with a screen, and a remote control.

They are asked to imagine floating to one side, out of body, and watch themselves watching the screen, without actually seeing the picture (known as double disassociation). They watch themselves watching a ‘film’ of the traumatic even that is still affecting them. The film begins at a point before the trauma occurred and ends at a point at which the trauma is over, and they feel safe again.

They are then asked, in their imagination, to float back into their body and experience themselves going swiftly backwards through the trauma, from safe point to safe point, as if they were a character in a video that is being rewound. They then watch the same images but as if on a TV screen while pressing the fast-forward button (disassociation).

All this is repeated back and forth, at whatever speed feels comfortable, and as many times as needed, till the scenes evoke no emotion from the client.

Rehearse a Positive Outcome

If the difficult or feared circumstance are ones that will be confronted again in the future  the person is asked, while still relaxed, to rehearse and see themselves doing so confidently.

Safe, Private and Confidential

Besides being safe, quick, and painless, the technique has the advantage of being non-voyeuristic. Intimate details do not have to be made public nor discussed nor even shared with Keith. It is safe, private and confidential and drama free, ask Keith.

Calm Lady

About Abzie - Keith Abrahams

Abzie is my public profile for personally commenting on the way in which our society is structured & governed, that is the social contract. Keith has been a Managing and Finance Director, and alongside being a portfolio director and adult educator, who encourages each of us to express individually, whilst working together in mutuality, with our community and with the organisations that structure our world, for shared peace and wealth. My passion is for community in which I volunteer as a therapist with PTSD sufferers & in a social enterprise, encouraging small businesses to thrive. All views expressed are my own.
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