WG, Commercial Manager, FTSE 30 company

“From my very first session with Keith I was able to make important steps forward in improving my mental state of mind and six months after starting therapy I feel happier, more positive and in control of my life. Keith is an inspiring therapist who has a unique style and ability to bring theory and reality together. Thankyou Keith”

WG, Commercial Manager, FTSE 30 company


About Abzie - Keith Abrahams

Abzie is my public profile for personally commenting on the way in which our society is structured & governed, that is the social contract. Keith has been a Managing and Finance Director, and alongside being a portfolio director and adult educator, who encourages each of us to express individually, whilst working together in mutuality, with our community and with the organisations that structure our world, for shared peace and wealth. My passion is for community in which I volunteer as a therapist with PTSD sufferers & in a social enterprise, encouraging small businesses to thrive. All views expressed are my own.
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