Introduction – Fast, Pragmatic, Effective Results

Human lives, careers & relationships can sometimes become unmanageable.

The causes, challenges and reasons may vary, but struggling alone is rarely the answer. Working with me, clients progress quickly through, from stress to success.

Stress costs

Relationships, profits, health, progress, finances and the future are all damaged by unmanaged stress.

Clients see and invest in me for thee things:

  1. Immediate calm and focus
  2. Short term solutions and change
  3. Long term valuable, future success

How I resolve stress

Relationship, Executive & Career Stress resolution is my forte. Resolving Trauma from all life events is my mission.

‘Calming, caring, & encouraging’ with an eclectic, client & solution focused approach that is fast, effective & practical, without psychobabble. Clients say ‘Keith just gets me!’

I use skilled therapeutic coaching techniques, i.e. bringing CBT Coaching, therapy and counselling  together as a trained and qualified professional, to consult with you, to examine and resolve the roots of your mental and emotional anguish and enable your success.

For whom

Clients who approach me come from different backgrounds, with the majority being self-referred executives, professionals, managers and business owners. Many others are parents and caring partners, who value my empathetic life experiences and want to lead effective lives.

For what

The most common reasons clients seek help from me are related to stress, anxiety, depression, anger, relationship and work-related issues. Often these challenges have their roots in bereavement, loss, self-esteem and traumatic events. I can support you with a full range issues beyond that too, including addictive behaviour, phobias and sexual worries.

Some clients choose to work on their sense of purpose and meaning, which some describe as spiritual needs, whilst others see it simply as pragmatic aspect to leading an effective life.

What I do

My role is to support my clients in identifying, clarifying and understanding the root of their challenges, and then to help them get calm, agree solutions, build supporting resources and resolve their upset. In other words, we intelligently co-operate together, to get your physical, emotional and sense of purpose needs met. You can then take that effectively out into your world.