AA4 – Mental Wellbeing Appraisal (MWA)

The Mental MWA is a based on a well-known and researched technique** that is popular because it enables an individual to appraise their health, assess their strengths and monitor their progress. In that way MWA is responsive to your meaningful change.

The MWA is very simple to request and administer (see below).

Two elements of good mental well-being

The MWA reflects growing consensus that mental wellbeing consists of two key and easy to understand dimensions: feeling good and functioning well.

  1. Feeling good means, we feel calm, confident and in command.
  2. Functioning well means that we have a healthy sense of achievement, acceptance and accolade.

Personalised and collaborative approach

In this way, any therapeutic coaching technique intervention is highly individualised, based on the content of the client’s unique problem pattern.

This leads to discussion and agreement between Keith and the client. There is no set amount of treatment sessions; length and frequency of treatment is negotiated between Keith and the client based upon their progress and ongoing need.

Please send me the MWA Keith

PS if you would like the Emotional Needs Audit (ENA) too please state so in your message to me.


* Individual client data is gathered before assessment and at each subsequent session by self-administration using web based ‘pragmatic tracker’ software (from the ‘Manyother’ team), either remotely via email link or on arrival at the office.

** A seven-item version, the Short Warwick–Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale (SWEMWBS) was resolved in 2009 using Rasch modelling. This offers superior interval scaling to WEMWBS [5]. Robust measurement properties combined with brevity make SWEMWBS popular for monitoring mental wellbeing in populations.

*** This appraisal is not intended as psychological or psychiatric diagnosis, but is intended to help you discover your own strengths.

About Keith Abrahams

Keith is an experienced senior director, CEO, business leader & consultant who now practices as a portfolio director and adult educator. Keith's passion is for community in which he volunteers as a therapist with PTSD sufferers & in a social enterprise, encouraging small businesses to thrive and as a school governor.
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